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Mike Briton is a Formula 1 racer. Like Michael Pritchard, he was stricken by a problem. One day, he saw a trendy young man in an old-fashioned wheelchair. The wheelchair seemed ‘old word’ and not very comfortable or convenient. In addition, the wheelchair was painted purple, which Briton described as a failed attempt to jazz it up. That was when he came up with the “Trikinetic Wheelchair” despite having no background in the field, whatsoever. One key to innovation is to notice the real problem and then address it – in a way that hasn’t been done before. Mike Briton’s wheelchair addressed most of the problems that were encountered in wheelchairs. The trikinetic wheelchair has only three wheels, and is designed for stability and movability. It can be used on the road and off the road. It does not tip backwards when it accelerates. It absorbs shock. It has a built-in automatic umbrella and it is very strong and comfortable.

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