Technology – The Gap Between The Developed And Developing Nations – Pt. 3

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Technology – The Gap Between The Developed And Developing Nations – Pt. 3

Despite all we have been discussing in previous blogs, what should be a blessing in these respective nations of the world have rather become a curse. The corrupt oligarchies have only successfully been able to skim the cream off these nations and reaped the benefits for and only themselves. The reason for all these is simply a misplacement of priority. If a nation that is referred to as developing after almost 60 years of independence has no sincerely visible signs and tendencies of leaving that cadre of a ‘developing nation’ to developed, then the future is bleak for such.

The progress, development and advancement of any nation is primarily dependent on its ability to re-focus and enhance its technological prowess. Like the popular saying goes, ‘the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is now.’  What this is saying is that if certain steps were taken long before now, remarkable progress would have been recorded. However, these steps weren’t taken then (twenty years back) by reason of ignorance, negligence, etc…, having realized this mistake, another good time is now. This trend can no longer continue. If the future will hold anything for the yet unborn in our ‘so-called’ developing nations, then we must begin to give attention to technological possibilities. Now is the time to begin to pay cognizance to the demands of human sustenance through desired standard of living. We must remind ourselves that unless this is given heed and the place it deserves in our lives and economies, we will remain at the mercy of the developed nations and rather than making progress, we would only be going round in circles and become even more impoverished.

Like I earlier established, there only need to be a re-channeling of attention and efforts towards the need for technological advancement. If this is the case, it is only a matter of decades, the results will begin to manifest.



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