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A Nigerian scientist and Silicon Valley-based inventor & CEO of Koniku Kore Inc., Mr. Oshiorenoya Agabi has built a device called “KONIKU KORE”. He said; this device can be used to detect the smell of explosives and cancer cells.

Agabi says ‘the Koniku kore device is the “world first” that is able to breathe in and smell air, being the reason it could detect volatile chemicals and even illness such as cancer. The system is made from a mixture of living neurons from mice stem cells fused into a silicon chip, with sensors that can detect and recognize smell.’ However, the 38-year old inventor who grew up in Lagos had a Bachelors’ degree in Theoretical Physics in Lagos, Nigeria before taking an interest in Neuroscience and Bio-Engineering for his PhD in London. He envisages a future where such device can be discreetly used at various points in airports, eliminating the unnecessary queues to get through airport security. In addition, it can also serve for bomb detection and illness by sensing diseases in the air molecules that a patient gives off. ‘Looking at technology with the goal of fixing urgent world problems, one of the problems that plagues us right now is security, which the koniku kore device could be solving.’


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In a world in which technology determines the state of our lives and living, everything you could ever only conceive in your imagination now becomes a reality; human efforts will be of little or no use in the near future.

The future of Africa in technology can only be brought to reality by supporting young inventors, like Chukwuemeka Ekwealua Caleb & Lambert Prince Maduabuchi, from Ikedurulga of Imo State (Nigeria) students of Mechanical Engineering from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo State, Nigeria. The duo built and designed a Jet by name, SR-71 Black Bird Spy Jet. Meeting one of the young inventors, “this is an ambition I had always nursed from childhood, with the hope that someday I will design one”, Caleb said.

With this there is a possibility in the future for African technology and in Africa as a whole; if we support young inventors, Africa will be better through technology.

Source: Williams V.

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According to the studies carried out by Ugandan inventors, Koburongo a Telecoms Engineering graduate, from University of Makerere and four others came up with a biomedical Smart Jacket known as Mama Ope (Mother Hope).

The Jacket detects and analyses pneumonia symptoms in children, with the aim of providing more accurate diagnosis on the extent to which the disease has affected the lungs. It also enables tracking the process of the disease. After displaying the result, the app goes on to advise on the appropriate action for instance, if the disease is severe, it advises the user to reach out to the nearest referral hospital.

According to the inventors, the jacket has the ability to detect pneumonia up to three times faster than a doctor can and reduces human error.

Source: The Staits Times.

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