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Story by A Rachel.


You have seen smart wristwatches, smart shoes, smart bras, and probably smart everything. Now it’s time to see the Volterman smart wallet that does a lot of things including spoiling business for thieves. Described as the world’s most powerful smart wallet, the Volterman is not the largest of wallets in size, but it could just be the most functional. it is designed with basically five smart functions in mind hence it serves as a power bank, distance alarm, Global GPS Tracker, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot, and thief detection camera. One great feature of the Smart Wallet is that it has a Bluetooth Alarm System goes as far as notifying you whenever you leave your wallet behind and you can use it to charge your phone. More than that, it also sends alarm signals to let you know when you leave your phone behind as well. More so, with its anti-thief camera, you will be able to see whoever opens your wallet as it will automatically send the picture of the person. This, however, gets to work when the phone is set on lost mode.

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