To register/submit your invention, you need to download the form. For the sake of simplicity, we have categorized all current inventors/participants into three (3) viz.;

  • Category 1: CATCH THEM YOUNG (Secondary Schools)

This is for students in Secondary School applying or registering their work/invention as a team or group.

Also note that any individual student who wishes to register individually would have to pick the form for INDIGENOUS/FREELANCE (Category 3).

Download Here: Form – Secondary School

  • Category 2:  CATCH THEM YOUNG (Undergraduates)

For undergraduate students in Tertiary Institution such as University, Polytechnic, etc., except if/when the work in question is executed as a group, it is necessary for each student to register his/her work or invention individually.

Download Here: Form – Undergraduate

  • Category 3 INDIGENOUS / GENERAL / FREELANCE Inventor

This is for all inventors who neither fall into the first nor second category but have work of invention.

Download Here: Form – General

  1. After downloading the correct form category, fill it carefully (please endeavor to provide all required information as this would facilitate processing of your registration), include all necessary attachments such as passport photographs, etc.
  2. Read carefully the PRIVACY POLICY / AGREEMENT and seek understanding where necessary before appending your signature.
  3. Scan in full color and send as an e-mail attachment to:
  4. Subject of e-mail should be either of the following:
  • Evaluation Form – Secondary School (if application is from Secondary School)
  • Evaluation Form – Undergraduate
  • Evaluation Form – Indigenous/Freelance
  1. Hold on to the hard copy as you would still have to submit it physically to the Office.