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Portable Water Filtration Jug



Michael Pritchard came up with a literally life-saving product while watching images of the Tsunami devastation on television. The thought of people dying because they lack clean drinking water agitated him. He tried to address the problem but postponed the process of inventing because of his work. Hurricane Katrina came next and he was yet again devastated by the idea that it took five full days to provide clean drinking water to those who were left stranded at the Superdome in New Orleans. He decided that what the world needed is a solution to the problem of clean drinking water, but one that does not require the use of electricity or access to chemicals. He now came up with LifeSaver, his product, is described as the world’s first portable Nano-filtration technology. It is simply a water jug with a built-in filtration device designed to help people during calamities. Currently, LifeSaver, like other British inventions, is also used in the military and for leisure activities – like traveling and camping trips.

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