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Non-Electric Fan

Story by Rachel A

His name is Michael Ukoma. He’s just 13-year old and has already, exhibited the possibility of being one of the greatest inventors from this part of the world. He resides in Aba, Abia state with his parents, hails from Ideato north, L.G.A in Imo state. He identified a Nigerian problem in a manner which improves performance and lowers cost. Afterward, he developed the idea for an invention as a solution to the problem, backed it up with the business skills he picked up and is now set to become a commercially successful inventor. The 13-year old lad must have been pissed with the epileptic power supply across Nigeria. The ceaseless blackouts he imagined meant that most Nigerians (the poor) won’t get to cool-off during a severe heat. Thus, he started thinking about alternatives that would serve the purpose of the conventional electric fan, which wouldn’t rely solely on electricity, and at the same time, within the financial ability of the many low-income families in Nigeria.

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