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Story by Williams T.

In the world full of ongoing scientific and technological discoveries and advancements, Africa seems to be a quiet continent when it comes to technology but the quietness of the continent should not be misinterpreted. Africa is slowly improving its technology to match that of the western nations and has no shortage of creative and aspirating minds. There is only one outcome when the incubating and innovative young minds in Africa embrace knowledge and independence and they long for invention. African invention in technology has made life easier in rural areas and has also enabled the saving of lives in very dire situations.

The amazing invention of Africa technology is the cardio-pad which was invented by a Cameroonian entrepreneur called Marc Arthur. The very first touch screen medical tablet invented and made in Africa.


It is a computer tablet that is used for heart examinations. The gadget allows such examination as electrocardiograms to be conducted in the rural and inaccessible locations. With the cardio-pad, electrodes are placed on the patients and connected to module that, in turn, connects to the tablet. When a medical examination is conducted or performed on a patient in a remote village, for example, the result are transmitted from the nurse’s tablet to that of the doctor who then interprets them. The gadget is mostly used in the areas where very urgent diagnostic tests need to be carried out but are inaccessible. The innovations has allowed many heart patients to get an early diagnosis, and this is a luxury as previously they could not get the service not unless they traveled to urban areas. The device is expected to facilitate treatment of patients suffering from heart diseases across Africa and most especially Cameroon.

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