Our Vision Statement

“…to bring the emergence of African technology to reality through positive innovation.”

Our Mission Statement

“…to source for promising individuals with outstanding acumen and bring them to limelight by giving them a platform.”

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To better the lot of Africans through science and innovation.
  • To improve the status of Africa through invention.
  • To support and encourage young inventors and bring them to the fore.
  • To bring inventors and innovators from the grassroots to limelight.
  • To develop and enhance African technology.
  • To bring to limelight obscure inventors who will pioneer African invention.
  • To support and encourage African-made invention.
  • To support and encourage African inventors and innovators.
  • Opportunity for training and retraining for advancement.
  • Mentor young inventors from ‘cradle’ to ‘grave’.

About Us

To bring young innovators/inventors to limelight we believe, some are privileged and born with silver spoon while others aren’t. Our aim is to bring to the fore the less privileged ones and showcase them to the world giving them a better hope and subsequently better the lot of the society (the African Continent) as a whole. This we do or intend to achieve with support from foreign bodies, organisations, corporate bodies, to mention a few.